May 20th (2022.05.20)

Good evening.


At last, it is Risa’s Graduation concert tomorrow.


During the rehearsals,
There were moments when I felt sad
But more than that, I laughed a lot〜


When I am with Risa, I really do nothing but laugh.


In the various questionnaires and interviews,
I’ve had a chance to look back on some of my memories with Risa,
and I really do have a lot of memories of us laughing!


There will be live streaming on both days
So even if you can’t come to the venue,
By all means, please witness Risa’s last appearance as an idol with us!


These two days, I too would like to look at Risa a lot🤍




I love Boku no Dilemma!


Risa’s graduation memorial book,
“Dakishimetakunaru Shunkan”
has also been released🕊


I can’t wait to see it〜



Sensing excitement here


Let’s make it the best 2 days ever〜


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