Melted (2022.07.01)

I’m Moriya Rena🍒




Lately, it’s been so hot that it feels like I’m going to melt.
Scorching 😳
I want to eat some delicious shaved ice🍧🤍


Everyone, please beware of heatstroke.
Remember to replenish on water and saltsー



This is a fruit sandwich I was given earlier🍓🍞









Our 1st album “As you know”
will be released for sale on 3rd August!!



That we’re able to release an album like this
is thanks to everyone who has been always supporting us

Thank you very much for always supporting us.



More and more information will be revealed from here onwards, so please look forward to it…。











Sakurazaka46 Member Auditions

“There’s nobody who doesn’t bloom.”




Taking the first step towards something new
takes a huge amount of courage, doesn’t it


If you are interested, even if it’s just a bit
have courage and please apply by all means



From when I first auditioned until now
these are words I’ve lived closely by:


“It’s better to regret doing something than to regret not doing it”



All the members are looking forward
to a wonderful meeting with you🌸

Applications are open until 4th July, 17:00.








BUBKA August Issue
All 2nd Generation Special🌸


We’ve been given the opportunity to publish a 40,000 word interview.

It’s full of our respective thoughts and feelings
I’d be very happy if you would read it..










On Moriya Rena 1st Photobook Official Twitter and Instagram
New advanced cuts will also be released〜🧁🤍







Various videos and off-shots are also uploaded☺︎
More content will be uploaded occasionally from here onwards
so please be sure to check it out ♡




From my Photobook Release Memorial SHOWROOM

A lot of people came to watch it.
Thank you very much.




See ya〜





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