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Tamura Hono | 田村 保乃

Hono / Honyo / Honosu / Tamuchan

Tamura Hono is one of the athletic members of the group. She played volleyball since elementary and got into a university through an atheltic scholarship. Being born in Osaka, her sense of humor is good too and she is someone who gives big reactions during variety programs. Hono is known to love Disney princesses, and Winnie the Pooh (so much that she wants to be called "Pooh"). She also loves dogs, and when she went to the Sakamichi Audition in Tokyo, she ended up coming back to Osaka with a dog! Hono also recommends a lot of media to her fans on her mobame (mobile mail app). Whether it is a recent book that she enjoyed, or a country song from the United States, Hono is the kind of member you are bound to have something in common with!


October 21, 1998




Osaka Prefecture

Blood Type

Type A




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