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Uemura Rina | 上村 莉菜

Muu / Uemu / Rinachan

Raised in Chiba, Uemura Rina has been described as "fairy-like" for having a mysterious aura and preference for white clothes-- thus she received the nickname “Chiba Fairy.” Her most distinguishable features are her full bangs and long, straight hair. She is also known to be kind and caring towards the members, especially the younger members. Before entering Keyakizaka, Uemura did not have singing or dancing experience, but throughout the years, she blossomed into a reliable performer capped by being designated as center in "Kimi wo mou Sagasanai" and "Mou Mori e Kaerou ka?" in the 2019 National Summer Tour and the Last Live. While she wrote playing the trumpet as her skill, fans has yet to see her succeed in playing it. Perhaps fans will finally see Uemura display her skills as she continues to bloom in Sakurazaka46.


January 4, 1997




Chiba Prefecture

Blood Type

Type O




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