Meow (2022.02.22)

Good evening. 🏡

Meow (2022.02.22)

Pops out!



Today is Cat’s Day. 🐈‍⬛🖤


“Nyan Nyan” (meow meow) even in the Western calendar! amazing!


One piece dress: LEINWANDE👗


This is a picture from a meet & greet from some time ago. (˙༥˙)


Tomorrow, Feb 23rd, from 8 AM in the morning, “LOVE it!” in TBS. 🐰


Together with the entertainers and Rena-chan, I had the opportunity to go to a location shooting about card games ranking. 🌼


This time as well, many things happened. ( •︠ˍ•︡ ) LOL


I had fun. ♡


Please watch it by all means.


Tomorrow I will be full of energy from the studio again!

We will deliver a 2 hours live broadcast.  💪🏻


Thank you in advance.



After that, from 17:30, we will have the opportunity to make a live appearance in TV Tokyo’s Spring Music Festival 2022. 🌸


I guess this is our first TV music program show of 2022?


I’m happy.


Tomorrow during the day, I’ll be able to meet you twice in real time.






I’m looking forward to it.


See you!


Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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