Nice to meet you. I’m Odakura Reina🌸 (2023.03.09)

Nice to meet you, everyone.

Thank you for opening my blog.
I’ll be the one in charge of Day 3’s blog!

I’m Odakura Reina, an 18 year old 3rd year high school student
and part of Sakurazaka46’s third generation.
I’ll be looking forward to our time together.


Two months have gone by since the day I was revealed!
Today is 39 Day, so I’ll express all my gratitude towards everyone🌸

t/n: March 9th -> 3/9 -> 39 -> 3 = san, 9 = kyuu, sankyuu -> thank you day



Odakura Reina (小田倉麗奈)


July 25th, 2004


・Friendly (or so I’m told)
I think my personality could probably be described as cheerful!


○Special Skill


Night after night I take out my telescope and gaze at the moon and stars. If I take any pretty pictures, I’ll be sure to post them~!


○Things I like
Attack on Titan, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Hunter x Hunter, Yona of the Dawn, Kagerou Daze, Blood Blockade Battlefront…… etc
I like talking with people who like speculating on unpredictable plot turns. I also just love the feeling of having your mind blown when everything gets turned on its head, or when you predict what happens like “Ah I knew it!”
I have a personalized list of 200 manga I like, independent of genre, so anyone who likes any of them, I’d love to talk about it with you!


I’ve loved reading novels ever since I was little, and I keep the huge number of books I’ve already read through in the basement of my house. One day I’d like to introduce my recommendations~!📖´-


I’ve liked comedy ever since I got really into watching Shinkigeki when I was little.
And of course, I love Tsuchida-san and Sawabe-san as well♪

t/n: Shinkigeki is a long-running (60-70 years?) Osakan comedy show produced by Yoshimoto Kogyo, one of the biggest entertainment agencies in Japan and the namesake for Yoshimotozaka46.


○Penlight colors
Passion Pink x White


𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄
🪄Why I decided to audition

There was an assignment at my high school to write a novel.
I struggled when deciding on a subject, and ultimately went with the themes of love and loneliness.


I’ve lived a life somewhat full of hurt feelings, so I looked back on my life and wrote a story that mixed truth with fiction.
I took my thoughts and feelings from that point in my life, and day by day slowly formed them into words, but still, pieces were missing.


I met Fujiyoshi-san at a time when I couldn’t put things into words and felt only frustration as time passed.


When i saw Fujiyoshi-san’s expression the first time I saw Guuzen no Kotae’s MV, I thought, “I know this emotion.”
Maybe it was the pain and loneliness of carrying a secret that you’ve never revealed to anyone.  It gripped me by the heart and I’ve never forgotten it.


Strangely from then on, expressions began to rise up from within me, and thanks to Fujiyoshi-san I was able to write my novel.
(the first time I talked to Fujiyoshi-san, I told her I loved her👍)


I think maybe this is what TAKAHIRO-sensei meant when he said Sakurazaka46 is a group that conveys reality.


Then I saw my Sakurazaka46 seniors performing and before I knew it, I came to love them. I could talk about this love for hours and hours.


I auditioned because I wanted to become part of Sakurazaka46, a group full of charms that you can’t help but love, and I too wanted to be capable of an expression that has the power to capture someone’s heart.


𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄
🪄Soko magattara, Sakurazaka?


I had my first appearance!
Were you all watching?


I was introduced by Moriya Rena-san.
She was kind and lent me a loving look and helping hand whenever I was at a loss for words.
Also she’s so beautiful, I was so happy and wanted her to stay by my side forever.
Thank you so much, I love you.


And then, I was granted the privilege of joining Kira Kids!
I respect everything about Masumoto Kira-san, so I was super, super happy🍛


The 3rd generation members will continue to appear next week, so please be sure to give it a watch!


𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄
🪄Meet & Greet


Feeling how wonderful it was to be able to talk with and see the faces of everyone supporting us was so refreshing!


Lately I’ve had this wonderful daily routine of thinking back on what I talked about with everyone and giggling to myself before I sleep.


By the way, I have a great memory.
So I remembered all your faces right away!


Please come visit me and have fun in meet & greet~
I’ll definitely make you happy♡


And also to everyone overseas, I’m studying English and Chinese a little bit, so if you’re having trouble, please use whatever language is easiest for you☺️
I want to hear lots from all of you.


𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄


I’d been looking forward to the day I could meet with all of you from the bottom of my heart!


Right up until Overture started playing and I stepped out onto the stage, my heart was pounding with nervousness, my fingertips felt cold, and my face was pale.
When I was standing on stage and looking out at the huge venue, I was moved to the verge of tears seeing the wall of penlights, hearing your loud cheers, and finding my oshimen towel in the crowd. It brought warmth to my heart.


We’re all so grateful for being so warmly welcomed into the group by you all. Having the chance to see that view is something I won’t forget for the rest of my life.


I was so happy that I leapt.


Holding Omotenashikai
is something that I think could only happen
because of our seniors who we have so much respect for,
and the support we receive from all of you.


I’d like to continue putting forth effort to take big leaps forward without forgetting those who have helped me.


Now I said this in my statement of determination, but


It’s impossible to go through life unharmed.
That’s why I’d like to become someone that can extend a hand out, so that Buddies can laugh with me without putting on a front, and so that I can be by your sides and hold you close.


I want to have lots of fun times and laugh together with you all♪


I hope to be the brightest star in your heart💫
That’s all for now, this was Odakura Reina!


My first blog ended up being a long one.
There’s a lot more I’d like to talk about but,
I think I’ll save it for next time!


Until then~👋


Tomorrow’s blog will be from Kojima Nagisa.
Nagi and I get along so well that we can talk and talk and talk. She’s a wonderful and innocent girl who’s bright as the sun and always laughing.
Buddies, look forward to it!

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