Nom Nom (2021.03.12)



Hello everyone,

I’m Hikaru Morita of Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation 🌱






So cute. lol




I wonder how many types of
animal barricades there are..







I’ll be changing the conversation..





I’ll be appearing on the April edition of “ar”
which is going on sale March 12!


Volume 2 of the serialization of “Hikaru No Me” 🌱




“Books and Chocolate” were the theme this time!





They’re both important parts of my daily life,
so I talked a lot about them




Like, how I got interested in books and what books I recommend..

Or what chocolate I like..



Please do have a read 🙂




The photoshoot was really fun!
I wore glasses, read books,
and ate chocolate for it!


I laughed a lot~





The white eyeliner was cute ^ ^






Please do take a look!







Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow is meet and greet!


I’m thinking about changing my hairstyle again..


Let’s have some fun!




Thank you very much to those of you applying to the
individual member talks for “BAN”!

It makes me happy to have another opportunity to talk to all of you.

I’m looking forward to it ^ ^






Oh, also..



Sunday, March 14th at 23:30~24:00

The coupling song for the 2nd single “BAN” titled “Guuzen no Kotae”
will be appearing on air for the first time..




On Nippon Broadcast’s
“Sakurazaka46 Kochira Yuurakuchou Hoshizora Housoukyoku”!



Please do have a listen (´ `)








Well then, that’s all for today…



Thank you very much for reading until the very end!






The end🌱


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