Osaka (2021.10.28)


It’s already late, but thank you to everyone who went to the tour’s Osaka concerts!!!

I also saw many towels and paper fans in Osaka!

Thank you very much🤍

In Osaka, I took a lot of pictures of weird faces with the 1st generation members, which I can’t post on my blog, but it became a good memory.

The weird faces that everyone did in all seriousness were funny…!

I saved those in my favorites folder.

I’m going to look back at the pictures regularly💭



3 days of concerts in Saitama Super Arena will start tomorrow!

I’m happy since it’ll be our first solo concert in Saitama Super Arena!

There is also a live stream of the concert on the last day, the 31st.

I would be happy if you’ll watch it🌸

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