Osaka! Osaka! Osaka! (2022.10.04)

T/N: She wrote the title in hiragana (おおさか), katakana (オオサカ), and kanji (大阪)


Hello everyone


I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member, Morita Hikaru 🌱 









The 2nd TOUR 2022 “As you know?” has started with the Osaka performance!



I was glad that I could meet a lot of Buddies

These past 2 days 



Tomorrow is the Hiroshima performance!



I feel excited whenever I think of what kind of people 

will come to each performance.



It would be good if I could communicate 

with a lot of people!



I’ll be waiting🍁 







For this tour, the use of penlights is restricted

From the opening to the first MC

Due to staging reasons.



Thank you very much

For cooperating during the Osaka performance! 



Though we ask that you turn off your penlights,

Please feel free to enjoy yourselves

And have fun as much as you want~



Together with everyone, I want to create a concert

Where we can have a wonderful time^ ^




I’m counting on you! 






Osaka version of the local t-shirt!


I also saw people wearing it in the venue~ 

Thank you🐙














In Sakumimi vol.191, which will be released today,

I recorded alone for the first time!



I’ll immediately give some feedback on the Osaka performance.

So I’ll talk a lot about the tour

Please listen to it🌸



I was alone so I was able to talk freely and leisurely~
















And Yui-san’s 2nd photobook is releasing today!




She wrote a message for me~

I’m happy! Thank you very much🦈🐈



It was a wonderful book with her cool figure, of course

But above all, the smiling cuts were impressive and outstanding ~


Everyone too, please grab a copy👍🏻 













Well, that’s all for today.


Thank you for reading until the end! 











The end🌱

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