Paris (2023.07.17)

Good evening!


Japan Expo Paris 2023
Thank you so much☺️🇫🇷



I met so many people in Paris,
they were really exciting days.



We went to meet
the overseas Buddies on our own,
so we were able to take
another step forward toward our dream.



I was a little bit nervous because
it was our first overseas live,
but all of that nervousness
just went away completely
thanks to everyone who gathered for us.


I could feel the warmth…
I had so much fun…I was happy.




I felt so glad that
the Buddies were happy too.
There were also so many times
that we were about to cry! 😳LOL




I was very nervous but,
it was a good experience.




I was able to experience so many things for the first time,
my desire to meet the Buddies from all over the world became much bigger.



I will continue doing my very best
so that the circle of Buddies can continue to expand a lot more!!! 👫


Sakurazaka46 fight!!!! 🌸


Paris (2023.07.17)




I have a lot of photos from Paris,
so I will share more later~~🏰




The dream place Paris in France.

I definitely want to go again someday!!! ( ◜◡◝ )🇫🇷










On Tuesday July 18th starting at 19:00
“Omoumai mise 2-hour SP”

I will make an appearance together with Marina-chan!
It felt so comfortable. 🍵
It will be aired tomorrow so please watch it by all means ☺︎



On Wednesday July 19th, at 22:00
“Sakukoi release celebration special”


I will make an appearance in it.
This is the day when the App will be released.
I also had the opportunity to play a bit but,
This is….so much fun…..🫣

We were also surprised by how much love was put into it,
and also by how realistic (!?) the game is,
I think everyone will be able to enjoy it too.

I wonder who everyone will choose?~~~




I will write again

See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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