Pot-au-feu (2022.12.27)




Hello everyone

I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member, Morita Hikaru 🌱





It’s been so cold lately that I bought a pair of gloves〜
Using this impetus, I want to buy a scarf too🍂

Take care of colds too!
Warm up and get some sleep〜

Thank you for your hard work every day!




Today, from 19:00
we will appear in “Omoumai Mise”!


It is a 4-hour special!

It was interesting to see all the stores 
that I was really interested in!

There were a lot of surprises🍚

By all means, please check it out〜


After we finished, we talked about
how we wanted to go there with Tenchan^ ^









I’d like to change the topic…



I am featured in the January issue of “ar” 
which is on sale on December 12 (Mon)!


Vol. 23 of the serialization “Hikaru no me”🌱

The theme this time is “Question and Answer”!



A while ago we solicited questions 
and received many from our readers!

I answered a variety of questions,
so it’s one more page than usual!

Thank you very much to those who sent their questions^ ^


Some questions were asked for the first time, 
and your questions were interesting!

By all means, check it out〜

As next year is the Year of the Rabbit, a knit hat with a rabbit’s ear🐰

The matching white clothes and colorful accessories 
were adorable〜

For the makeup, the eyebrows, mascara, and lipstick
were all was pink💐











We will perform at
COUNTDOWN JAPAN 22/23 tomorrow!


I am thrilled to be able 
to perform again this year!

This will be the last live performance this year
So I’ll do my best🌸

Everyone who will be at the venue, 
let’s have fun together〜!

I’ll be waiting!









Well, that’s all for today.
Thank you for reading until the end!





The end🌱




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