Recently Drawn Illustration (2023.05.29)


Hello Everyone🌸 

Thank you for opening my blog. 


I am into macarons
Sakurazaka46’s Matono Mio (  ◜ ͜  ◝  ) 


The baton was passed to me from Yuttanu. 
Thanks Yuttan. I like that part of Yuttan where she’s kind and serious but also funny. 😌

I love everything about Yuttan!! 



Recently, it is too hot to sleep in long sleeves and a little too cold to sleep in short sleeves. 

Do you have a good sleepwear to sleep in?

I’m not sure what happened all of a sudden, but I’ve been quite curious about it

Is it time to turn on the aircon instead of thinking about my attire? 😀



Sakurazaka46 3rd TOUR 2023 Kanagawa Performance

Thank you very much! 
This stage was our first, we were given a chance to stand here in PIA Arena MM during Omotenashikai. This time, we are standing here with our seniors, and that made me very happy. 

I am also filled with happiness that I could meet you all!


I want everyone to be filled with happiness forever. 

I hope you accidentally find a star-shaped Puré Gummy or Apollo in your bag, 
I hope you just barely catch the earlier bus that you didn’t think you’d be able to get to in time, 
I hope you find an empty seat that you can sit down in, 
I hope you get that last piece of the limited item that you wanted

May you find a lot of happy things in your daily life



In the 2nd day MC, I exchanged catchphrases with Rika-nee 〜☺️ 

In fact, my self-introductions during the 2nd and 3rd day were thought up by Odakura Reina. 

I am going to spoil everyone 

I added in some choreography(?) too 👍🏻 

Next is Osaka performance!
I will do my best to show you a more improved version of myself. 




6th single “Start over!” will be released on June 28th (Wed). 

And, from May 31st (Wed), 
the 2nd round of applications for online meet and greet will start! 

Us 3rd gens get to participate as well 😌


If you are interested in me, even just a little bit, I would like to talk to you. 



Please come and see me,,, 

I will be waiting ☺️

This photo was taken just now, so it’s almost the current Matono Mio. 




I was so happy to hear that you love my drawings during the meet & greet and in your fan letters, so I am posting one… 


Ramune 🧊

I love Sailor school uniforms so I tried drawing it. 

By the way, I just recently learned how to open a bottle of ramune… 

And! I love ponytails 🐎




“Sakumimi #260, #261”

Have you listened to it ~? 
It was my first radio show so I was nervous, but thanks to Itoha, I was able to speak as I normally do. 

If you haven’t listened to it, please do so 👂🏻! 

I tried listening to it myself for a bit but I was surprised that my voice was lower than I thought it would be… 


Since joining Sakurazaka, I’ve been often told that I have a low voice. I had never been told that before, so I wasn’t really aware of it. But sometimes, I watch some footage and realize it really is low.


I don’t really like my voice so I want to do something about it,, 



That’s it for this blog😌 


See you in the next one~🤍 


Somehow, I made the same pose for both the 1st and 3rd photos 🤳 



Tomorrow is Itoha!! 
Itoha is funny. And she’s fashionable. 




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