release (2021.03.04)

Hello ☺︎

This is Sakurazaka46’s Moriya Rena 🍒


Thank you for the miiguri (Online Meet and Greet) the other day!

It was a really really fun this time as well ☺︎


I visited Akane-san’s room during the break.
And then, I was surprised!! The room was a space of beauty and healing, I felt very at ease~

I want to learn from her…


Cheerful Friends 👧🏻🎀


I am looking forward to seeing you in the next miiguri (Online Meet and Greet)!!!



And, last Feb 28,
Sakurazaka46 performed in Tokyo Girls Collection’s Artist’s Stage!!!


Thanks to everyone who watched it☺︎

Dancing Buddies in the white suit costume was refreshing and super fun!!


Thank you for giving me a chance like this.


The 2 of us are always holding hands
when singing “The sun is rising” 🤝


Marinon~ Congratulations on your High School Graduation 🌸


Yui-chan, Aoi-san〜♡
Yui-chan, thanks for always saying nice things about meー♡




On April 14th, the 2nd single [BAN] will be released.

In this 2nd single, I will be doing activities as a one of the members in the title song.


My ability is still lacking and I am reflecting on it daily, but through the power of music, I would like to spread the charms of Sakurazaka46 to as many people as possible, so that they could know about someone like me and go, “so there is a girl like that.”


And I will do my best to meet the expectations!

From here on too, I will be in your care.



And for the last…

On March 3 (Wednesday) from 14:00

The application for the 2nd Single “BAN” Release Commemoration Online Meet and Greet has started!!


I am looking forward to meeting and spending a happy time with everyone ❤︎



Thank you for reading until the end 🎠


See you~

Rena 🍒



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