Risa (2022.01.25)

Good evening.


Last night, one of our members, Watanabe Risa announced her graduation.


Risa is an important presence both for the group and for me.

I’m sure that you must have felt sad as well.




I tried not to think too much
about parting with Risa
but the announcement has made it even more real.



It’s been about 7 years since I met Risa.
And before we knew it, we were spending more and more time together,
and by joking around together, we could laugh at anything.


I feel that we have spent even more meaningful time together since becoming Sakurazaka46!



I was so happy when Risa started coming to tease me in the beginning~


If we could, I wish that we would always be together.

But because I have watched her up close and talked to her about all kinds of things,
I felt that I wanted to give Risa a push on her road ahead.


Let’s go to lots of places together in the future too!


I’d like to cherish the time we have working with Risa
and liven up the group.

I hope that Risa can smile a lot.


By all means, please continue to support
the activities of Sakurazaka46’s Watanabe Risa until the end.


Sugai Yuuka



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