Road (2022.03.24)









I turned 20 years old yesterday!
Thank you very much to all of you who celebrated it☺️🌼


Even as I become an adult, I’d like to remain the same in a good way,
I want to be a strong woman, who faces things head-on with sincerity and straightforwardness while being swung around by the emotions of each moment.

And I’d like to live without forgetting to be grateful at all times and my Takemoto Yui likeliness!


I look forward to your continued support from now on☺︎







Last week and this week, I received cakes and flowers from various workplaces, and have my birthday celebrated… 😭 Each one truly made me happy and filled me with joy.
I can’t thank the staff members enough.




On the day of my birthday, I received more than 30 minutes worth of video messages from family, relatives, friends, teachers, and many other people I am indebted to.



And I also received a lot of messages from the fans.



I kept saying everywhere that I want this year to be the year where I could give back to the people who have given me unconditional love and support, and while I was confident that I already loved them,
I couldn’t stop crying because of their love that went far beyond that! 😭😭





It was a day when I strongly felt that I wanted to say many thanks to everyone who supports me from back home, to the members, and to my fans on a daily basis! 🌸









Thank you very much to those of you who watched the SHOWROOM on the other day ☺️


I was so happy to be able to have a fun direct communication with you after a long while!!


I wonder if my feelings towards you have been conveyed? ☺️




Marina barged in from the middle, and it was fun!
and then…
I was able to appear in Rekomen! straight after 🥺✨✨


I am grateful to Nori-san, the staff, the listeners, and Marina for warmly welcoming me in despite the suddenness of it🌿
It was a fun evening! ♩



Thank you very much!!










And here on are the announcements ☺︎




◯ I appear in currently airing Sakumimi #133~ 👂🏻🌸



Master Inoue and Master Matsuda sang the best happy birthday song in the world for me 🥺
The title is “Teen Graduation SP”. I hope that those who are in their teens could give it a listen, it’s a funny episode.
By all means!!






◯ 28th March from 19:00~ JST

Sakurazaka46 will be appearing in “CDTV Live! Live! Haru no 4-jikan Special!” on TBS ✨


It will be “Samidare yo” first performance ☁️ Don’t miss it!











And the 6th application round for meguri will be over at 2PM JST later!
I’d love to hear your thoughts about the single and such.
If you don’t mind, please do come and visit~ 🥺🌻


I’ll be getting ready so that we could have a fun time and that many thoughts can be conveyed ☺️


By all means, please do give it a check!









And then.
As it is late of March.


My sincerest cheer to those who are making new decisions and taking on new paths, whether it be a student life or starting a job!
Please do your best without straining yourselves 🌼
Sakurazaka is always with you ☺︎!





Well then, see ya 🌸



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