Sakura (2023.10.07)



Good evening

It’s Nakashima Yuzuki.





The third gen relay blog has ended, and from today on we have our individual blogs 🌻


Look forward to it ^^






Everyone, how are you!?


I’m doing well~




Lately, Yuuzu has been
Drinking pumpkin milk, eating maple pumpkin churros, and eating chewy balls (pumpkin milk flavor) 🎃


I love pumpkin!


By the way, I ate them all together with Shii! Do you remember that we’re the Otsuki-sama duoー? We’re as close as everー
[T/N: Otsuki-sama is what Shizuki calls the two of them, from Yuzuki’s April 25th blog]



If you have any pumpkin sweets recommendations, please tell me through your letter or on meet & greet.








I have some announcements! 📢



♡ All 11 of the third gens are featured in B,L,T,-san. Thank you very much.

The shoot was colorful, just like us.
Who we have been, who we are now, who we will be, it’s all included there.
We even had a 〝20,000 words〟round-table discussion.
I wonder if those of you who know us well will be able to picture us talking when you read this 💭

Please check it out ☺︎
Thank you.





♡ I’m featured in an interview with Reina in Top Yell NEO-san. Thank you very much. Airi and Yu are featured in the cover ☺️

I feel like I’ve only talked about good things with Reina. I guess there are some parts of us that are similar, but I also feel really comfortable with her. We’re a duo that loves to do ridiculous things, I guess.

I just realized this, but I think I’ve never posted a two-shot with Reina before…? Or have I?


I really want to post the photo of Reina crushing my face that was taken by Itoha recently. But since we’re both barefaced in that photo, I’m still thinking about it.




Please check out my interview with Reina who is currently addicted to putting weird-colored hats on me ☺︎

(She gets a good laugh at seeing me wearing hats that don’t suit me every time.)











The music video for the 7th single common coupling song, “Mamoribito”, has been released ↓


I feel like my love for the song grew as I sang, listened, and danced to it with everyone. 

The music video is really wonderful. Thank you very much.


I hope it will reach everyone around the cherry tree.



(I really have no sense for photography so I only captured a small part of the set)
Please pay attention to the wonderful set and costumes ☺︎
















I think I’ve improved my selfie skills a little?

Lately the members haven’t said that my selfies look like ID photos anymore, so perhaps I really have improved ♪








I’m happy that now I can post a blog whenever I want to.


I’ll continue to write blog posts full of smiles so please continue reading my blog ^_^





May tomorrow be a good day 🌻


See you 🐦


Good night


From Yuuzu

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