Someday (2024.02.04)



It’s Murai Yu.








Thank you very much


for watching Kobayashi Yui-san’s graduation concert!
















The figure of Yui-san that I have seen is always strong, reliable, and cool.







She always looks at her surroundings and notices the things that I wouldn’t notice otherwise.





There were many times when Yui-san verbalized what she had noticed, which then made us even better and moved forward,


and the figure of her leading the group from the very front like that was truly so cool to see.






From now on too, Yui-san will unchangingly continue to be the person I admire and aim to be.











Although it was only for a short time, I was happy to have been able to work with you.





I will cherish the things we have talked about and all of our memories together.



When I look back on it, Yui-san’s gentle mind comes to mind and warms me. I love you.





Truly, thank you very much.




I hope that the path Yui-san will take from now on will be filled with happiness.






In reference to Yui-san’s “Swing your towel until your arm fell off!” hyping [Abunakkashii Keikaku]


I said, “Everyone who likes Yui-san, let’s jump until our legs are torn off!” [Start over]!


I’ll take over the role!



I will continue to work hard together with my seniors and 3rd generation members to make Sakurazaka46 even bigger.







Thank you very much for reading until this point.



I will write again soon



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