Spring (2023.03.22)




Thank you so much for
“Unibaru” (Universal Studio’s Spring Event) 🌸‪‪☺︎

Spring (2023.03.22)



I had so much fun!!!



I’ve loved USJ so much since my school days
that I even had the annual passport,


Being able to perform in such place
was really like a dream…




It made me so happy
being able to collaborate with
the friends from Sesame Street.


Dancing with us~
They were so cute~ 😞♡





During the performance,
being able to hear the voices of the Buddies
made me feel even more excited,
and it made me very happy
that the Buddies were able to enjoy themselves.


I was very glad to see everyone’s smiling faces.

It made me happy.

Thank you.






And this time it was a new costume!
So I was able to show it~~


There were many people during the Meet & Greet
who told me they liked it,
I also liked it very much (´._.`)🫧🏰



The weather was also perfect,
so everyone was shining in pure white 🫣☁
we all looked like angels~




There were some members wearing the pants version too!

The pants version is lovely as well,
I wanted to try wearing it too.







During the Unibaru’s rehearsal break time,
this was Ten-chan who would always suddenly become a cameraman.

It’s a strong habit 🤔 LOL

Thank you so much for always making me smile ☺︎






Perhaps this performance
became one of those unforgettable memories
for all of us?


I will never forget it.


I’m really grateful 🌸🎢










Thank you so much for
the public recording at KochiHoshi 🌟





Actually, I’ve been able to experience
both the KochiRoku (public recording) and KochiOn (Online) too
and this was my second time doing the public recording ( ◜◡◝ )📻


As expected, it was very fun~.


I think this was the first time
I could hear everyone’s voices
in events other than concerts?!



Thank you so much
for giving it much more excitement
with your applause and cheering.


And above all,
I was very impressed
by Inoue’s talking skill.

It was really amazing!!! 😳



It was extremely fun.


Thank you so much🧸





Please look forward to the broadcast ~~










So far,
we’ve been having a life with lots of restrictions,
but I feel that things are starting to change
little by little.




When we were only able to meet online,
and the times when people weren’t allowed to speak,

According to the situation of each time,
I’ve been watching how you’ve adjusted
in your own way to support us.



Buddies have always supported us,
those smiles around us
have been an emotional support for me.


Everyone is really so cool.
I felt proud and happy.




And it would be nice that from now on,
those moments where everyone
is forced to give up something
are reduced little by little…


This is what I hope…


Let’s be in a world full of kindness and smiles~!!!!!








Step by step.







See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono


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