Sukimakaze Yo (2023.10.17)


Thank you very much for opening my blog 🐈‍⬛


Sakurazaka46’s Masumoto Kira 🌸








The Music video for “Sukima Kaze yo” has been released!✨️

Have you seen it? 👀



The wind was amazing on top of the mountain!









The nature was really beautiful, it’s heart wrenching







I couldn’t take my eyes of the scenery that makes me feel nostalgic,

even though I have never been there before.




Such feeling is not only found in the scenery

But also the work named “Sukima Kaze yo”.




It was so cold, wasn’t it? 🥶


Matsuda-san who breathed in lots of delicious 

We both love the breeze of the season and always talked about it.

It’s the kind of wind that makes you want to cry~





It was amazing at night too~

It was a scenery that slightly reminded me of Hyogo 🕊‪🌱




We danced in front of the fire for the last chorus 🔥

Fire is something that will go out, so we decided to challenge a single take with no reshoot 💃




When the fire was lit, I was momentarily overwhelmed by the heat that was hotter than expected, but even more so


In that moment, all the members were looking in the same direction and feeling the same way

I was moved by the momentary, miraculous situation.



Looking at the expression of the members after we finished dancing,

I felt that we are all feeling the same way in that moment

It made me happy 😊






I savored the precious time that will never return 🌸





Your face is so stylish ✨

Truly so good





We talked about a lot of things during the break time~ 🤭


Takemoto-san is also a Wind Buddies.

We talked about the wonderful winds 🍃









  Fuyuka-san 🍣


I could feel the weight of Fuyuka-san’s expression in part 2B

I was really drawn to it.






【 Happy news 】📣📣

Morita-san told me, “You look really cute with that hairstyle” (´>∀<`)ゝ


Moricha-san is always super cute no matter what hairstyle she uses ‼️





























I think that through MV filming

I was able to spend a very meaningful time.




Although it has no clear shape

This work loosened my tear gland from bringing back memories that are certainly 🥲









I can’t put it into words well… but in any case, I really like it! 🥰

I sincerely thought of how much I cherish and love this song, Kobayashi-san who centers it, and all the members.







Please watch it lots 👀


































I’ll leave pictures of me tilling the soil to make it easier to dance here







Thank you very much for reading until the end!


Masumoto Kira (Kirako)

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