Moriya Akane

Anniversary (2021.08.21)

Good evening 🌸🌳 Nogizaka46-san, congratulations on your 10th anniversary. You are wonderful seniors who I always respected.   And on this day, 6 years ago was the day my life changed. It’s something that I will never forget in the rest of my life, It was truly a significant event for me. Truly thank you

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Reunion (2021.07.13)

The weather on the last day of the joint live”W-Keyaki Fes 2021″, and our outdoor live after a long while, was very nice that I was able to see fireworks together with everyone in the venue, which become a great ending to it. Thank you very much 😌😌 It’s been a while too since I

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🍑Memories🍑 (2021.06.07)

Hello It’s been a while since I updated a blog. When I realize, it seems that three weeks has passed since BACKS LIVE the other day… Time. There’s always not enough of it. And after all, it’s fleeting. Nogizaka46’s Ozono Momoko-chan, who I have been working together in anan‘s serialization corner of “Beauty Slope Climber”,

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  The trailer for “SAKURA BANASHI” has been released〜🌸 You can hear things that can only be said here It’s interesting to see many different combinations of members, right? ☝🏻💫 It’s of great attention☺️☺️     And my pair is this girl 🙈     This day was the day of CD jacket photoshoot The

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2011.3.11 (2021.03.11)

Good morning. Today 10 years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. I pray for the souls who passed away in the earthquake, I’d like to express my deepest condolence for all the victims. I’ve never forgotten that day even for once, but when I hear that it’s been 10 years, I could feel

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