release (2021.03.04)

Hello ☺︎ This is Sakurazaka46’s Moriya Rena 🍒   Thank you for the miiguri (Online Meet and Greet) the other day! It was a really really fun this time as well ☺︎   I visited Akane-san’s room during the break. And then, I was surprised!! The room was a space of beauty and healing, I

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1st Year💐 (2021.02.17)

Hello ☺︎ It’s Sakurazaka46’s Moriya Rena 🍒   Today, February 16, marks the 1st year since the Sakamichi Trainees were assigned to the groups! That time, I had no idea that sparkling and fun days were waiting for me.   I met a lot of people, I felt these many different emotions, I also met

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