Takemoto Yui

Recollection (2021.08.18)

My family unexpectedly won 2 first prizes and 2 second prizes as well in the Lawson lotteries..!   That’s just crazy!!♩   Kids or adults, all of them participated in Lawson’s campaign with all their might They are a truly loving family ( ; ; )   That reminds me, before I joined, I used […]

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Summer (2021.07.29)

Yaahoo~ How are you doing? 🐋     TeruTeru-kun.     It’s late but,   W-KEYAKI FES. 2021 Did you feel the beginning of summer!   I never thought that I would be able to perform a Live with my beloved Hinatazaka46-san, so I was very happy.   I had the chance to see Hinatazaka46-san’s

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Bloom (2021.06.30)

It’s been a while since the end of BACKS LIVE, and while feeling the afterglow of the passionate space, I’ve been writing little by little. It has become a writing that’s not easy to read, but I’ve been reflecting on the fact that I haven’t been able to really convey my feelings before the show,

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Light (2021.04.19)

Hello it’s Takemoto Yui 🕊   To everyone that came to Meguri, Thank you very much   We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the network problems during the Meguri To the people who waited for a longtime, I’m truly sorry… 😭   I’m once again reminded of how much the staff supports us and

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Separation (2021.03.03)

  Hello, it’s Takemoto Yui. 🕊️     Today is Hina Matsuri day. My mother sent a congratulations and a pic of Hina Matsuri cake to me. (*´-`) (Tl note: Hina Matsuri, or the doll festival, is on March 3 to celebrate female children and pray for their continued health and happiness.)   Congratulations to

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Spring (2021.02.24)

Hello, it’s Takemoto Yui 🕊 It still feel awfully cold sometimes~ but recently it’s been warm and sunny, it’s nice to smell and feel the spring breeze   Spring has arrived so that means it’s the time of encounters and farewell, and I am sure that there will be encounters and farewells that’s beyond what

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璃 (Ri) (2021.01.15)

Hello, it’s Takemoto Yui 🕊      I’m very sad When we first met, there was an impression where while she looked very mature, in the inside she’s like a little sister, or rather, likes to be spoiled.Even now Riko is still the same person, and as always I find her to be fun and

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Sakura (2020.10.15)

Hello, it’s Takemoto Yui 🕊 Some time have passed since the end of the show, and I am slowly looking back on the other days, but the only think that come out is my feeling of gratefulness. The time I spent as Keyakizaka46, the time of rehearsal, before and during the live performance, I am

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