The 9th (2024.06.26)

Good evening


The 9th single “Jigoujitoku”


Is out on sale today~~~!


Thank you very much.




I’m very aware and I’ve also

been hearing that many of you

have been supporting and livening things up since

the day before and maybe even way before that,


So I’m extremely happy and thankful 😌💓


CD jacket artwork




The design of the dress

is different for each member

and even the small details were really lovely and beautiful,

I was deeply moved


I want to put it as decoration at home…🤫👗





Our manager took a

full body photo for me,

and depending on how you look at it, it kind of looks like a wedding dress


“wow🥺this somehow.. 🥺”

she said while taking the photo. LOL


She sounded like my mother (^.^) LOL


Somewhat…it made me happy.




The first one was taken by Ten-chan,

she always takes photos for me, she’s so kind~~!!!😚

Thank you♡




I have more photos,

I’ll be sending them slowly






And this time as well,

SHIBUYA TSUTAYA has prepared

a very big promotion area for this single🗼


I left a message as well ☺️



Thank you so much for always having

such exhibitions that are so full of love.



It was amazing~~~~!!!!



I’m glad I was able to see it with my own eyes





is also looking wonderful

after the renovation^ ‪^‪



Everyone, please make sure to come and check it out🌸


For those who live far away

and also for those who cannot come,

I recorded a video while walking around

inside the exhibition with Ten-chan,

so I’ll send it in the Message App~~~‪^ ‪^










TV Tokyo’s Musical Festival 2024 Summer


Thank you so much!



“Les Champs-Élysées”
it was SO cute, wasn’t it~~~? 😻🇫🇷


It was healing.



All the songs are now available for listening

in subscription music services,

it would make me very happy if you can listen to them in various places.


I’ll write again



See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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