Three (2022.09.10)

Good morning ☺︎



Yesterday we were in Music Station

Thank you so much 🫧



Three (2022.09.10)


I got them this time too 🤍🥰










We had the opportunity to perform

“Masatsukeisuu” which is

the lead song from our album,


Being able to perform the song in this way

even after it was released for sale

is something that I’m very grateful for.



Thanks so much

to everyone who watched it!










And also, tonight

we will perform in Venue101 📺✨



Starting at 23:00, please watch it by all means





Tomorrow is the album’s special event 🌸📖



During the meet & greet sessions,

there were people who told me they would come for sure,

so I feel that I’ll finally get the chance to meet them ( ◜◡◝ )



For everyone who’s coming, I’ll be looking forward to your support!








See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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