To feel (2022.07.06)

Good evening!


We appeared on “THE MUSIC DAY 2022” the other day 🎆



“Omotta Yori mo Sabishikunai”. The many smiles of the members surrounded me, it was truly and sincerely a fun time ☺️✨






The reliable Kira-chan, who taught me many things about the choreography right before the show ☺︎ Thank you~☺︎

The high touch felt kinder than expected!






Hono-chan’s hairstyle on this day was such a winner. We had a lot of fun arguing backstage ☺︎ Whenever Hono-chan laughed, I would definitely end up getting influenced and laughed too ☺︎







Recently, I would be starting a performance while facing Onuma-sensei, so her eyes have really put me at ease ☺︎

Thank you for your kindness as always ☺︎







You know, before the performance, me and Karin talked about how there will be about three times during the song where we will be looking at each other, and how we should try to make some funny faces at least once. I thought, “But it’s a live broadcast… and I would be nervous”, but I still did it ☺︎

By the way, it wasn’t shot by the camera so I think no one could tell, but Karin-san simply laughed☺︎







On this day, I was able to wear Moriya-san’s uniform! ^ ^

Nee-san‘s warmth 😌






And I was also able to participate in a collaboration performance with Oginome Yoko-san, performing “Roppongi Gijyunjyouha” ^ ^



I gave it my best to adorn Oginome-san’s cool performance

It felt as if I have grown just a little more and became an adult 💃🏻





Once again, thank you very much to everyone who watched ✨










The 1st lottery application for 1st album “As you know?”s meet and greet starts today 🫶🏻


It seems that we will be able to make some memories together again this summer, I’m already excited about it!

Please come and visit if you like~ (^^)




The deadline is tomorrow, July 7 at 14:00 JST!


The details are over here👇


I’m waiting for you🌸






The hot days continue every day, so please make sure to drink lots of water and sleep well when you can ☺︎


There are many things to look forward to from now on, so let us both take care of ourselves and prepare for the day when we meet each other again 👏🏻




Well then! Good night~ 🎆

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