TOKYO SKYTREE (2021.04.19)



Good evening


Sakurazaka46 is
currently collaborating with Tokyo Sky Tree
Thank you very much
to those of you who have already visited


The members’ wishes,
such as I hope we can be a big group,
are displayed on a special stand until 5th May
Actually when I visited on the other day
I wrote my signature on
the unreleased pictures from music video [filming] is also released 🌏✨


Seeing the wonderful scenery from Sky Tree
Once again I felt that it’s a miracle that we could be born like this
And I feel moved with the members
It’s truly something miraculous
to be able to meet the fans
I thought about how wide the world is…


Don’t worry about the little things.
I felt that this is what “Just Trust Yourself!” is
I’d be happy if you could come and see it too





Yesterday was
the first day of 2nd single’s Meet & Greet


Despite the various troubles,
you unchangingly talked to me with a kind heart
Once again I feel energized by you
Thank you as always



And tonight, from 7PM JST
we will be appearing on CDTV Live Live
Our appearance time was announced earlier
I hope that you can look forward to it

It’ll be the first full sized TV performance of BAN〜❤️






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