Tonight! (2021.03.14)


Hello everyone,

I’m Hikaru Morita of Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation 🌱






Some time ago, I accidentally stepped on something,
and when I looked down..







A frog..










I was really surprised at first, and went “?!”,
but it was just an ordinary ornament. lol




Let’s move on from that conversation…







The filming of “Borderless” is currently underway~



The other day, Honda Tetsuya-sensei, the original author,
came to the filming location!





During the breaks, he came over
and talked to me a little bit..



Also, he gave me with his latest book..




I’m really happy about it ^ ^




I will read it with great care..!

Thank you very much!







Kyoko-san drew it during our break time 🍥






Tonight at 23:00~

The 2nd episode of “Borderless” will be released!



Please do watch it 🚘








After “Borderless” will be the broadcasting of
“Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?”~




This week’s episode plan will be focusing the celebration of
Ten-chan’s junior high school graduation!



Please do tune in 🐢






Well then, that’s all for today…


Thank you very much for reading until the very end!




This is Nao’s pet, “Karashi” 🐹


Karashi’s got a wealth of different facial expressions and is extremely cute~






The end🌱



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