Untitled (2021.03.31)


(The MV) for “Omotta Yori mo Sabishikunai”
has been released in YouTube





The MV filming was truly fun and we laughed a lot,
with the feeling of us being natural as we are

Please do give it a watch and lose yourself within our livelihood


There are also members who are rapping, so please pay attention to it as well 😶









That aside,
I got my picture taken, and I take other members’ picture
So I will be uploading them







I really like this one
Since it took away all the focus










I took all these pictures
It’s all pretty good, isn’t it?



There are still pictures, I will send the remaining on mobame

So many I can’t upload them all…








I took many pictures of the staff too, and I truly want to upload those…

I want to one day
make a photobook just about the staff members around us
Something packed with pictures of staff, seen from the members’ point of view
I’m sure that it will be something wonderful!

They truly made many things possible, they are so cool

It’s one of the dreams I want to fulfill
I wonder if it will come trueーー


I want it to



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