Untitled (2022.08.27)


As I hear the sound of cicadas buzzing
I’m reminded of the poolside at school

I wish I could just relive,
Those nostalgic feelings~

And the feeling of being in a daze in class after the pool
was also nostalgic
I didn’t pay attention to anything at all

Since I often sat by the window
I feel like I was always looking out the window
Though, it might just be my imagination,
Or maybe it’s just a beautification of my memories…



And so, the August 28th’s broadcast of “Azatokute Nani ga Warui no?” will reveal the past love life of my character, Imai Manaka.

Have you been paying attention to the story so far?

You can watch the rerun on Abema and TVer
Please look back and watch it

Good luck to both Hana and Manaka~~






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