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It’s dazzling, the source of light

The feeling of not wanting to blink



The initial feelings that had solidified at the bottom of my being were numbed

Everything that has been piled on top of it shakes



The beginning comes back〜




Different from family, different from friends
The feeling


of liking the members will continue to grow and grow and grow〜



My appreciation for the people around me will continue to grow


And so will my feelings for all the Buddies…*










I was able to attend the 3rd generation’s omotenashikai and watch over them〜*

I am glad we will be able to spend more time together




I was so happy that Kojima Nagisa-chan said she wanted to take pictures with me!
But she left her cell phone behind, which made me laugh



I want to take many pictures with the 3rd generation!





Their blog relay has also started!!
How nostalgic〜〜*



“B.L.T.” is on sale now and the 11 of them are on the cover

and it has a special feature on the 3rd generation 🌸



When we all had photoshoots together when I was a trainee, and after joining the group… Even now, it is a book that I still want to look back on and cherish



With everyone in the photoshoot, I think it will be a precious and memorable magazine, so I’d be happy if you will check it out ✴︎










New advance cuts of my photo book “Hanbun Hikari, Hanbun Kage” have been released〜🌓



Onsen yukata and sparklers







And, and panel exhibits will be held ✨
I’m happy!
Please take lots of pictures




The bonus postcards at each store have also been revealed!

There’s also a page compiled with where you can get them through online shopping!



Do you have a favorite 〜?


I hope so





March 11 (Saturday) from 19:00
I will appear on “Job Tune”-san’s 2 hour special!

Thanks to Tsuchida-san’s presence, I was able to talk with kind comedians and it was a very enjoyable recording*



I was impressed by the fighting appearances with seriously planned out recipes
There are plenty of professional ideas to copy ✨

Please take a look!




🫧 The April issue of “Nikkei Entertainment!” is on sale now

In the “Mysterious Ambition” column, I talked about “Cool” 🪐

I hope you enjoy reading it!




🫧 I will appear in the drama “Actress”!

It will be available on docomo’s new video streaming service “Lemino” from April 14 (Friday)

It is the sequel to “Borderless”


I will be joining the cast of “Actress,” and I hope you will look forward to seeing what kind of role I will play!









One of my dreams was to appear in a drama, so I am happy to be able to take on this challenge!




I am grateful to all of you who always support me,

From now on,


I will do my best to give you something to look forward to and make you think “I can’t wait for this day because of this”*






Ozono Rei

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