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Long time no see


Good morning
I’m 18 years old Murayama Miu from Tokyo




The cherry blossoms have bloomed
In this season, wherever I go, I can see the sceneries painted in cherry blossom color, I quite like it




(I tried putting on a flower hairpin, a rare thing for me)



When the cherry blossom petals fall after some time, I think I will reminisce the “Natsu no Chikamichi” Music Video shooting
There were a lot of cherry blossom petals used in the scene where we ran down the hallway, the scene where we danced in the gymnasium, and other scenes too




Today, I will talk about our interpretation of “Natsu no Chikamichi”, just a little bit




Please think of Airi as a representation of the 3rd gen, and the 8 3rd gen members forming the circle as the 1st gen & 2nd gen members
Airi is expressing our resolve, worries, and loneliness when joining the team “Sakurazaka”



Airi enters the “Sakurazaka” circle, and everyone’s expressions change to the expression felt by 3rd gens



“Positive destruction”
We expressed our frustration, pain, and conflict towards ourselves who can’t do anything
and also the feeling of being liberated and broken out of our shells



“Our dream selves”
Each of us thought about what we’d like to become
There were members who danced with a smile, and members who maintained a cool expression



In the end, Airi is left alone, and the MV ends on a lonely note but
Her expression is one of resolve






Us 3rd gens discussed a lot on how we’d like to express “Natsu no Chikamichi”
But what I wrote here isn’t the only correct interpretation
I think it’s great if there are a lot of interpretations for “Natsu no Chikamichi”
So I also want to know about the “Natsu no Chikamichi” that every one felt



By all means, please tell me







Thank you for the Sakurazuki Online Meet & Greet (Individual Talk Session)




“Will that person come again?”
“What should I wear today?”
“What should I do to make it fun?”
Every time, I wait for it with excitement



Because I’m not that good at looking for topics to talk about,
I get worried that I can’t converse well
But I can calm down when I look at everyone’s smiles


Everyone’s smiles are my source of energy



Really, thank you very much
Let’s make a lot of memories together from now on





What kind of photos do you like?
Also, what kind of hairstyles do you like?

I don’t know if I can fulfill everything, but I’m waiting for your requests
I’m curious about what kind of things you like








This is sudden, but I’d like to give an announcement here


Taniguchi Airi, Matono Mio, and Murayama Miu will appear on
Weekly Shonen Magazine-san’s cover

It will go on sale on March 29th


Please take a look at it








From here on is off-topic.


Because I like rainy weather better than sunny weather,
Waking up in the morning to the sound of rain lifts my spirits


I quite like the smell of rain
I also like that we can’t really see the sun when it rains

My pace of walking is slower on rainy days compared to sunny days




I wrote this blog while thinking,
“It’s sunny now, I wonder if it will rain”…




I suppose talking about the members is more interesting than the weather

Recently, I went to a plum shop with Airi to compare pickled plums

There are many kinds of pickled plums,
Such as plums pickled in olive oil, honey, kelp broth, etc.
They’re delicious
We got very excited and ended up making a lot of noise because of how delicious they are


My taste in food matches with Airi, so we go to eat out together a lot






Current conversation with Airi and Mio

Miu: What kind of tree is this
Airi: Just a little greenery ー Mama gave it to meー
It’s fake so it won’t wither
Mio: That’s dope (while eating chocolate)



In Airi’s house, there is a little something from her mom



The three of us tend to naturally group together
When I realize, the two of them are already next to me


What should the group name for the three of us be?
I’m waiting for suggestions
I’ll tell you when we decide on it







Tomorrow’s blog relay entry will be Yamashita Shizuki’s
She invited me to go “to a stylish cafe” just now
Saying not just a cafe, but a stylish cafe, is Shizuki-like
We’ll definitely go soon, so I’ll write about it next time

Look forward to tomorrow’s blog entry too



Let’s meet again in 11 days

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