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It’s cute that they’re smiling while taking pictures with someone’s phone without the owner’s permission




It’s also cute how they’re taking pictures with it thinking it’s Hika-chan’s phone










This is my phone, you know?





It made me smile on the way home from rehearsals*


And today is finally the first day of the tour!!!!

I’m excited,,




While we get power from your cheers,
While we also deliver power to everyone,



We want to make this an unforgettable time for all the Buddies
We will bring you the best*



We’ll do our best!!







🫧 In “FLASH”, which is currently on sale
Just before the release of my photo book, you can see an exclusive advance cut

Please take a look!



🫧The May issue of “Nikkei Entertainment!” on sale now

The “Mysterious Ambition” column is currently being serialized in the magazine!

I talked about the photo book, the 3rd gen Omotenashikai , and so on… I hope you check it out!



🫧 Tonight, April 12, Wednesday from 23:17
I will appear on
ABC TV “Kore Yodan Nandesukedo…”!

Please watch it after the concert〜 ☕️









And and, an off-shot at a Western-style house in Hokkaido〜


The advance cut of me in the cute pink attic here has also been released,,

Have you seen it yetー?? 🌼









Sakurazaka46’s 3rd tour!

Let’s have fun together on the first dayーーー!!!




Ozono Rei

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