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Since the photo book is filled with me,
Wondering if anyone will pick it up,,


Anxiety also arises, but




What I think in my mind
What I really feel


Will show on my face, so



What I could do was to go into the shoot with my fears removed

















One day at a time, I overcame my own desires, and was able to face the photoshoot without any regrets




The shoots in Hokkaido, Tanegashima, and Kagoshima were really fun


Thanks to the staff who made me laugh a lot, it was full of moments that I don’t want to forget


The filming locations became places I would definitely like to visit again














Being able to release my 1st photo book “Hanbun Hikari, Hanbun Kage” on my birthday today


is, more than anything, all thanks to all of you who support me*

Thank you very much for always helping me make my dreams come true one at a time


It’s really all you do for me

Thank you everydayー!













Through “Hanbun Hikari, Hanbun Kage”
I was able to get to know a new side of myself, thinking that I could work this hard with my whole heart to create something good


I also gained knowledge about bodybuilding!
I have always liked watching weight training YouTubers, but I also learned about PFC balance and such on YouTube,,


There are so many things I have gained,


I want to start anew from here again and renew myself into someone I am satisfied with






The period of preparation before this book took shape became an asset for me


After this book takes shape, I hope that it will be of some energy to those who pick it up!












I was particular until the last line of the last page,,*









🍓Tonight, from 21:00
There will be a SHOWROOM livestream to celebrate the release of the photo book ✨

This will be the last time you can get a limited SHOWROOM poster

Please have your copy of “Hanbun Hikari, Hanbun Kage” ready,, and let’s have fun together*



🍓 April 19 (Wednesday) from 8:00
I will appear on Love it! with Inoue Rina!
I am very happy to be in the studio after a while*
Please watch it to start your day 🐰

🍓 April 19 (Wednesday) from 23:17
ABC TV “Kore Yodan Nandesukedo…”

I’ll appear on the show✨
The various off topic discussions unfold without stopping and are very interesting!

I was very happy to hear Kamaitachi-san say that I’m a variety lover!


Please watch it!




🍓 April 19, Wednesday, from 23:45
TV Asahi “Cream Nantara”

I will appear on the show!

With Kobayashi-san, Inoue, and Takemoto
The four of us took on the human installation project!

I think I’m better at being installed now than last time,, 🤭

It’s so much fun to be someone I’m not
Please watch! Please laugh a lot!





And tomorrow is the Aichi leg of the 3rd tour!!

Along with “Hanbun Hikari, Hanbun Kage”
Let’s get excited together 〜〜〜🫧





I will do my best at 23 years old!
I’ll be in your care*


Ozono Rei

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