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When I used a QR code on the touchscreen panel to get my ticket  


I got the feeling that the old man and woman were troubled using the machine next to me




I thought I should be the one to help them here

With a “beep beep beep,” I used their ticket machine





Then the tickets came out without a problem, they thanked me with a smile, which made me smile too*




Even now, I wonder if those two arrived safely







This is how I’ve been thinking about someone lately


Do you have time to relax?

Are you forgetting anything?



I don’t know from what standpoint it is, but I think about things like these






The 7th single “Shonin Yokkyu” will be released on October 18, Wednesday

The formation for it was also announced the other day!



Those who talked to me at the meet and greets
Those who read my blog after the announcement of the previous single
Those who received my looong message on the messaging app…
I thought of all of you who have always supported me



You’re probably on my mind more often than you think


Because I want to make you happy*




Even during this period of time, a lot of things come to mind so I will do my best in a lot things with the hopes that you’ll be pleased!









Suddenly, I thought of the staff, photographer and stylist of Shonen Magazine, who have always taken care of me



I was looking back at the photos on my phone, thinking about how I went to the beach and had a photoshoot in summer of last year, so I was surprised at the timing 😳

I was featured on the cover and front page of the current issue of “Weekly Shonen Magazine”✨ 



I’m so happy〜* 


This time I had somen noodles at the end of summer!

I got to drink my favorite chai and the t-shirt was cute🐯







It was a fun shoot with lots of laughs〜 Please check it out!

And, thank you very much for the NFT event the other day!

I did ASMR, which is something I’ve been wanting to try for a looong time〜🎧 

Using a binaural microphone that I’ve longed for, I ate crunchy snacks, used earbuds to make sounds, and whispered back answers to your questions,,!

I think I did rather well and produced nice sounds 🤭 

I want to do it again!






Thank you for watching the Youtube livestream from Shinesekai🌹 


I finally got the Cool shirt that was restocked at the merchandise shop! Yaーy!

Something is also uploaded on Tiktok 🛸 






 🍇 The exhibit has been renewed from September 16 ✨


There’s new music video material, I wonder which music video it is!! I’m curious!

The materials are exactly the same as the ones we receive before production, so it feels very strange having them displayed there like that

The exhibition will run until October 29, Sunday so please go and have fun!




🍇 On September 24, Sunday, from 18:00

I will appear on “Chouzetsu!! Pazudorabu”✨ 

Whether you play already or are new to it, it’s a program you can enjoy〜 

Please watch it!




And, and

I will be the first MC for Sakurazaka46’s new regular radio program, “Sakurazaka no ‘Sa’”✨


I’m so grateful and happy that the number of Sakurazaka46’s regular radio programs is increasing!!



In the past, while appearing on radio programs and experiencing narrating,

I have received compliments on my voice



One of my dreams was to be a radio MC someday*



You give me a lot of compliments on my daily voice calls,, so that gives me courage,, Thank you very much 💌 



It will be on air every Monday from 25:30 to 26:00 starting in October
The first broadcast will be on October 2nd (Monday)!


I would be happy if you could give it a listen 🌸
I’ll do my best〜




Ozono Rei

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