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I went to karaoke alone for the first time



Kira-chan and Renaa told me I was required to order one drink, so

I perfectly rehearsed ordering my drink from the employee in my head〜





The drinks had to be ordered using the tablet
I was excited by the wide variety they had



I got the karaoke room number wrong and ended up opening the door of a different room by mistake

I apologized instantly and closed it, so I don’t think it took me more than 0.5 seconds




That was another experience〜




I ordered iced coffee in the end!


I’m not skilled enough to enjoy singing famous songs,,
I tasted the bitterness of the coffee☕️





🤍Today, Monday, October 2, from 23:06
I will be appearing on “Ozwald no ○○ made 30 byou desu.” ✨

While preparing on the day of recording, I happened to meet Miipan-san and talked to her for the first time〜*
I was so happy to hear her say, “Do your best!”

I was very nervous because it was my first time singing alone on an outside TV program,,





I was nervous getting into it, but
it turned out to be a prank😳 waa


To find out more, please watch!



With this opportunity, I was able to make my solo karaoke debut*






🤍Today, Monday, October 2, 25:30〜26:00
Nippon Cultural Broadcasting’s “Sakurazaka46 no ‘Sa’”
It’s the first broadcast〜✨

I talked with Matsuda Rina and Tamura Hono-chan!

It’s the first broadcast and I’m still learning things, but thank you very much for all the messages


I would be happy if we could continue to liven things up together from now on!


If you miss it, you can also listen to the recording on radiko!

https://radiko.jp/share/?t=20231002253000&sid=QRR #radiko










Thank you very much for watching Girls Award too!


I’m surrounded〜🧳💼👜






Ozono Rei


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