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I ended up with a lot of pictures…





So I’ll post them!













Please scroll a lot






I was featured on the cover and front pages gravure of “Weekly Shonen Champion,” now on sale!

The last time I was featured, was my first solo cover




It was a very memorable magazine…


Some people still cherish it, so I hope they can feel the growth after 3 years








There’s also a BIG double-sided poster included

So I’d be happy if you could get it!







Plenty of people also showed it to me during the meet and greet〜*






After all, you never forget the first time











In 3 days, the first time at ZOZO Marine Stadium awaits!


The view of the stadium that we’ll see for the first time at the 3rd YAER ANNIVERSARY LIVE

will be something we will never forget







I’m looking forward to seeing what the view looks like🪄




I love the wide-angle shot of the performance being surrounded by the penlights the Buddies created













I often save the pictures taken by the photographer-san and manager-san










The new oshimen penlight that came out seems to have an increased amount of light,


so it definitely shines and is more beautiful than before










You can definitely enjoy it even if you’re in the closed area seat or backstage seats!! I’ll look a lot!!








I want everyone in the stadium to create a wonderful atmosphere













There are livestreams for both days!

There are also repeat streams〜





There’s also an overseas live stream!






Together with Buddies all over the world

I’m excited to celebrate Buddies and Sakurazaka’s 3rd birthday 🍰











Even during the meet and greets, thank you very much for showing me the uchiwas, sketchbooks, and other preparations you made!




I’ll look for you!!













Here are pictures from the meet and greet I haven’t posted yet〜









I heard that Miu had matching straight hair🤭















Matsu lent them to me🐰
















I also wore the knit sweater I received from Champion-san’s photoshoot🫧

I’m glad some people noticed〜

The collaboration campaign with Lawson has started




I got Kira-chan and Renaa pin badges and a white tumbler!


I’ll use it a looot!










And the other day, I went to see a performance of the 3rd generation’s “Shinzanmono”! Each and every one of them was shining it brought tears to my eyes




Through the Shinzanmono performances, I think that there will be many other Sakamichi fans that 3rd generation will bring to Sakurazaka, and I feel thankful








The final performance will be streamed live from 18:00 on Saturday, December 2nd, so please watch until the endー!













🩶Today is “MTV VMAJ 2023” ✨


We’ll be appearing!

Let’s have fun together with everyone who comes to the venue.*

We’ll do our best!







🩶November 22nd (Wednesday) from 19:00~

TBS “Todaiou” 3-hour special




I’ll be appearing ✨

The theme for the quiz this time is “Made in Japan!”

I felt that Japan is creating wonderful things in the world

I’m happy I was able to get more right answers than last time

Please check it out!







🩶November 22nd (Wednesday) from 23:15~

TV Asahi “Cream Nantara” 1-hour special




I will be appearing with Kobayashi Yui-san, Inoue Rina, and Takemoto Yui✨

It’s the third installment of the human installation project!


With each episode, we’re getting better and better at the installation#####

With the setting of a Showa and Heisei quiz show, we faced off against the veteran-san team!

Everyone was so kind… We were able to do it…


I would be happy if you could watch it and laugh a lot!








🩶I’m featured in “The NEW ERA Book” which is currently on sale!


On the day of the shoot, the hat I wore and the hat the stylist prepared for me were exactly the same 😳


Please check it out〜*










🩶Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Sakurazaka46 no ‘Sa’

There is a rebroadcast on radiko, so please listen to it〜


Continuing from last week, Uemura Rina-san and Moriya Rena are the guests this time too 🎀


I laughed a lot last week when Renaa praised my maniac side 🤭









I’m glad to hear that the members enjoyed the recording…




We look forward to receiving more tip-offs about the members and marshmallow mail!







Related to radio as well, thank you very much for “TALK ABOUT” the other day!


Together with Tamura Hono and Matsuda Rina, the 3 of us were asked to be the substitute MCs for Kudo Taiki-san


We supported everyone’s tidying up!




The listeners we talked to on the phone were funny


The staff was also heartwarming and very interesting

We laughed a lot even when the microphone was off! It was a lot of fun〜*




We’ll do our best to come back and visit 🎧




















It has been decided that we will appear at the 74th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen!




I still remember last year’s frustration even now


We have put all our hearts and souls into what was in front of us this year, and I feel that each of these efforts has connected and led us to Kohaku




Thank you to all the Buddies for lending us all your strength!




I’m happy to be able to perform until the last day of the year!

Please look forward to it*





Ozono Rei

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