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In that place where I am, thinking “I want to change”






but just waiting for it to happen feels like a passive way of thinking






I want to take one, two steps forward

I want to make my own choice and become a new me


So I decided to cut my hair*








I’m glad I had the courage to do so now



With a new feeling and determination with me

I’ll do my best once again







Please watch over me during the 8th single period as well!





The MV for

“Itsu no Koro ni Modoritai no ka”

has been released















I can’t think of a particular age I want to return to




Because I’m having fun now,

With everyone around me and everyone who loves Sakurazaka


I want to cherish the present











To make the Buddies have the most enjoyable time right now

We’ll do our best in whatever preparation it takes



I want you to look forward to a lot of things this year too!











For this year’s spring national tour, we’ll go to Fukuoka, Osaka, Aichi, and Kanagawa to announce the flowers in bloom 🌸





Please look forward to it!












Thank you for watching “Venue101”












I’m happy the members also complimented my hair ♡













I first showed it on Love it!

Kira-chan and I substituted for Announcer Tamura as hosts🐰


It was fun!













With my own thinking, I wanted to capture the moment of my getting cut… so I went to the hair salon for a close coverage!



The video is uploaded to the Sakurazaka Channel on YouTube, so please watch it 💇🏻‍♀️





















🦢January 31st (Wednesday) from 19:00

I’ll be appearing on

TBS “Todaiou” 2-hour special ✨



Please watch it! For those who will watch the gradcon, I’d be happy if you could check it out on TVer or elsewhere!





🦢January 31st (Wednesday) from 24:15

I’ll be appearing on

TV Asahi’s  “Choco Planner”✨



I participated in the Tokyo Yoshimoto New Year’s party

Please laugh a lot!





🦢I will be on the cover of “Gravure Champion”

which releases on January 31st (Wednesday)🫧



I’ll also post more behind-the-scenes again



This will be the last gravure with my long hair for now!

So I’d be happy if you could see it for the last time



I wonder what a gravure with my bob would be like…🤔

Please look forward to it*





Yui-san’s graduation concert will start from tomorrow




An overseas live stream has also been announced!




For both days there will be an archived stream from 23:00!

Please check it out*












In my last blog, I talked about oil painting

I finished the first one*



I worked on it little by little〜








I haven’t shown it to Yui-san yet   








Ozono Rei

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