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Thank you very much


To everyone who have went to the venue,
To everyone who have watched through streaming,
Of “Kobayashi Yui Graduation Concert” 🎓🪽



And, once again,
Yuipon, congrats on your graduation!!




I shared many of
my thoughts and feelings for Yuipon
throughout the two days of the concert 😌


I think I was able to convey it to the person herself properly…!


If I were to remember and express my gratitude one by one,
no matter how much time we have, it will never be enough



We had a sleep over where we both just slept like a log until the afternoon of the next day


But even after finishing her own graduation concert,


She said things like, “That and this didn’t go well”

Or “It would’ve been better this way”


She was a hardworking idol who is hard on herself until the very end.



It made me thought “I have always admired that side of her”,

And “That was sincerely an amazing concert, thank you for your hard work”.



(Afterwards we spent some time chatting while watching past MVs and concert videos 💭💭🍔)




Let’s continue to dance together even when we become grannies


I hope we can stand on the same stage together again someday












I also took a lot of pictures with the members 📷












I still cannot imagine

a Sakurazaka46 without Kobayashi Yui,

but I am sure things will be fine with the current members 🌸









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