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Good evening


It’s Yuuzu





Waa~ it’s the day after tomorrow, finallyー!!!!!


The Tokyo Dome concert

I’m realllly realllly looking forward to it, I’ve aーlways been looking forward to it, that I’ve been living my life every day with a musical note over my head hoping it’ll come sooner


But also, with the day coming closer and closer

“When it starts, it’d soon be over”

I’d have those thoughts and get sad even before it started



But, but,

I’m so happy that there’s a day I’m looking forward to so much


I shouldn’t be thinking that I’ll be sad when it’s over,
But I should do my best to show you the best performance I’ve ever done and to touch everyone’s hearts while enjoying it as much as I can!



It’s not the end, but the beginning, so to say


I’ve got no choice but to make it a good concert, in order to paint a beautiful future for us!



I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.
Eーveryone, let’s enjoy it ☺︎







The Music Video for our 9th single, “Jigoujitoku”, has been released on YouTube


Everyone, thank you for watching it a lot


If you haven’t watched it yet, be sure to~!

Thank you ☺︎








I want to find my own strengths


I’m not yet strong enough to turn everything into an opportunity, but I want to face everything with that mindset as much as possible












(I love her)







I hope you’ll be full of smiles tomorrow as well 🌻


See you in two days!


From Yuuzu

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