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At the bottom of happiness when something good happens

Is not wanting to get carried away, so I try to find a balance




I’ve been thinking that to gain something, something should be sacrificed







I thought there was something that could be kept that way, but







I don’t want to lose anything

is what I thought in the middle of the space that Buddies had made full bloom for us







Tokyo Dome was very beautiful…

Each and every penlight that illuminated for us

Has a warm glow

And the voices of Buddies are our number one source of energy during a concert





Thank you for your power!!








I want them to stay Buddies forever

I don’t want them to leave us

I want them to still love us tomorrow,

I’ve also thought selfish things like that









While each of us has our own yesterday and our own tomorrow

Coming together in one place and sharing the same time is a miracle







In a day and age where you can

Have fun through a screen

Get content at twice the speed

Skip the parts you have no interest in







Thank you for choosing to come and see a real-life Sakurazaka concert*









During the concert,




There were moments when I thought




I’m alive right now〜

I’m glad〜













I want to be a part of the moments

When Buddies feel glad to be alive













I want to make more and more

Places where such moments can happen











Let’s do a lot of fun things together〜〜







The 4th tour was so fun

Thank you!











There are a lot of exciting things waiting for you this summer too




So exciting




















Places I can leave words

Times I can see your face and talk to you




I want to be more careful and cherish them









The 8th Single “Ikutsu no Koro ni Modoritai no ka?”







Thank you very much for coming to meet me

At the online meet and greets and real meet and greets!










When I’m alone, I remember

The words you’ve said to me one one-on-one








They make me feel like

I’m happy〜

Let’s do our best〜













I’m so happy〜〜〜 My happiness is overflowing











While wondering if you remember me in the same way







Your words became my sustenance and supported me throughout the 8th single… Thank you very much!





Thank you very much for applying to the meet and greets for the 9th single, “Jigoujitoku”







I want to talk with you too!

I’m happy you want to talk with me!








There are times when I start to get lonely

and wonder if you want to meet me again, but







You wipe that feeling away

So my feelings of wanting to enjoy our one one-on-one time grow more and more…








But still, I wonder if you’ll come again

If you still love me

It doesn’t mean that those feelings will go away…







If Buddies start to feel lonely when we can’t meet

Then we match〜(♡)
















I hope the 9th single “Jigoujitoku” reaches a lot of people!

I’ll do my best…!!








It’s not a given that we can deliver a new thing, so







I’m very grateful to all the Buddies who support us!




Thank you〜〜*





Please watch the music video a lot〜✴︎









“CDTV! Live! Live!”





Thank you very much for watching the first full-size TV performance of Jigoujitoku!





Ten-chan took a lot of photos 📷



How nice 🥰











Thank you for always taking a lot of pictures♡



I discovered the joy of having my picture taken and the fun of taking pictures 📷











Let’s take a lot of photos of the members〜〜







Please forgive me… for posting a lot of blog pictures… 🫣













Thank you very much for watching NHK’s Utacon earlier!





We sang “Les Champs-Elysées”!

It made me feel warm and happy〜*🇫🇷




Curled up
















The 9th single “Jigoujitoku”

My heart is racing… it releases tomorrow!!!!!!!!!





I love the worldview of the jacket photo

All the members are lovely in the booklet too 🦢





Will it arrive in your hands〜〜I’m excited〜〜











I’ll post more in the next blog, okay? 📷
















I love you〜













Ozono Rei

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