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Good evening


It’s Yuuzu






Our 9th single “Jigoujitoku” is released today~!


We’re only able to keep creating new works like this thanks to Buddies’ support


I’m always thankful for your warm and passionate support


I receive great strength from each and every one of your support


I’ll also do my best to be able to convey our wonderful songs to more and more people!


I hope our 9th single could be a source of strength for someone





For our artwork shoot,
Each member had different outfits, every one of them was beautiful


Shii took the photos









With the two days of Tokyo Dome concert held on the other day,
The 4th TOUR has officially ended







I had so much funnーーーーーーーーーーー!!!!

For reaall!!!!!!!!!!!!


It started with the Fukuoka concert in March, and all in a sudden, we performed in Tokyo Dome


I stood on the stage with the determination to make it a concert that everyone could enjoy, but before we knew it, I was having so so so much fun as well

It was that kind of concert


Also, I was glad to be able to see all of the members’ smiles






I want to become a person who can help people go through the darkness when a shadow casts over their days



I thought that maybe concerts are where I can make that happen









You’re looking towards the same place where the one you love used to shine, but now someone else is standing in their place


I pondered a lot about what kind of feeling that is


I’m really thankful that I’ve gradually been given more chances to fill in the spots of our graduated seniors, and I feel both genuine joy and the weight of responsibility that comes with it



Every single day, I would persistently ask my seniors and genmates for advice and cause them a lot of trouble, but my anxiety only decreased by a tiny bit. No matter what I did, I always felt anxious somewhere in my heart



I believe that the only thing I can do now is to keep facing that weak side of me and not giving up on giving the best performance



I want to keep working hard so that I can stand there and deliver the songs with pride, no matter if I’m the original member or a substitute










I think that both concerts and our works only takes shape when it reaches everyone


People going to the venues, making time to watch the livestream, thinking of the members


All of that is happiness that are not to be taken for granted


We are all receiving your precious things


Gratitude is something you can’t express enough of, so let me continue to express my gratitude to you









Oh right,


We have the online meet & greet this weekend


Can’t wait~!




Wishing you nothing but good things 🌻




See you


From Yuuzu

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