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Good evening


It’s Yuuzu






TBS “LOVE it!”


I will be appearing each Monday as a part of the Monday LOVE it!fFamily for three months from now 🐰❣️





I’m really happy that I can return to the place I love so, so, so much.


I’ll liven up the studio double double double from last yearー❕
[T/N: “Double double double” is a running joke on Monday LOVE it!]


I’ll be in your care!











I appeared in

“CDTV Live! Live!”
“TV Tokyo Music Festival 2024 Summer”


Feeling happy because we got to perform the full version of the song,
Feeling nervous and excited because it’s a live performance,
Receiving inspirations from the other artists’ performance.



Everyone, thank you for watching ☺︎


I performed “Oh, Champs Elysées” at “Utacon” ☺︎

It’s a song that makes you feel refreshed and bright, isn’t it 🇫🇷


Yuuzu before the rehearsal

Yuuzu after the performance




We performed “Ikutsu no Koro ni Modoritai no ka?” on this week’s “CDTV Live! Live!”


Thank you very much for the two weeks in a row 🪽










Thank you very much
For the online meet & greet the other day~


I was really happy that there were a lot of first-timers


I was also really happy hearing the words “I’ve been looking forward to this dayー” and “Long time no see”


When they started watching me, what made them like me, why did they come to see me, it was different for everyone and that made me really happy~



The fact that my life is not just my own is such a blessing to me


Everyone is my reason for doing my best
Thank you as always



I had a different hairstyle & makeup look that day 🎀 

What kind of look should I do when I meet everyone next~ ♪









The Music Video for the 3rd Generation Song “Hikikomoru Jikan wa Nai”
Has been released on YouTube


It was my first time doing solo and outdoor shoots for a 3rd generation music video, it felt fresh


For me personally, it’s a work where you can feel each member’s power


Be sure to give it a watch



Airi-chan was so cute, I patted her head too many times

Riko-chan was cute and cool, she suited this look so much

Nagi-chan looks too cute with this hairstyle, she more than just suits it

Surprisingly, it’s Miu-chan who usually laughs at my antics

We still have more dreams for the two of us, right?





Straightforward people








The Sakurazaka46 3rd Generation Concert has been announced!


I’m really grateful that the 3rd generation members have received a lot of opportunities since we joined the group


I want to make it a concert that only we can do



I hope we can take a new step with everyone



We’ll be in your care!






The fanclub applications for the “3rd Generation Concert” is until today, July 2nd (Tue) 23:59


I’ll be waiting ☺︎










Ito-chan, you did well~!


The way I put on my helmet was so textbook










I’ll do my utmost best while staying grounded and humble




Wishing you nothing but good things 🌻


See you


From Yuuzu

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