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I thought I realized

That life might be a series of ways to kill time


Since it’s easier to be alone than with someone

And because I can kill free time by myself


When the time to meet up with someone approaches,

Meeting up becomes a chore and I’m hopeless





Even if you ask me why

“Somehow” is the only thing I can answer


Because it really is just something somehow


So I don’t like being asked why


The things I do, the choices I make, the thoughts I have, I can only answer them somehow


Somehow, I chose to kill time that day

In the middle of the crowd trying to go home from Shibuya PARCO

By chance, I met eyes with the person I like

“Why are you here?”

We were both surprised and laughed


Because you said that since high school this is a place you go to often


Even for me


I have a feeling this will be a place I come to more often from now on


I find myself trying to see you again


It’s not because I somehow want to see you


It made me realize I want to see you because I love you



Imagining the two of us like that, imagining the main character’s feelings,


I wasn’t sad that it was our last performance in symmetrical positions

I felt excitement when we were walking side by side





“Guuzen no Kotae” comes from a meeting by chance

I’m grateful to TAKAHIRO-sensei who taught me that the song is about the moment I realized my feelings





If I didn’t know that,

I think I would have ended up doing it with my own feelings rather than the main character’s







The two of us are similar

I’m sure we both feel the same


All you need to move on to the next relationship is a chance


*I* should be the one brave enough to start


(T/N: Rei uses the main character’s 僕/boku here)



Thinking of that made me want to hold hands

I could imagine the two of us walking together


I thought it would be selfish and embarrassing so I stopped myself







I want the two people in the song to hold hands

I want them to promise to meet each other next time

I hope they get together*









As Yui-san’s junior, the time we spent together is my fortune







I want to make a promise to meet you again





Even I end up using “somehow” as a reason without much thought







I don’t think you can find many things that you can do just because you like them





It seems that the only way to find something that you can get into and stay into for a long time is to go further than that





Buddies found us

And they’re pouring a lot of time and energy into things for us









We want to be worthy of being the reason for something


We want to put added value and deliver more than expected






Thank you very much for the tour in Fukuoka as well





Wanting to deliver more than expected…

is what I felt

When looking at the Buddies







An additional show at Tokyo Dome was also announced,

The reaction of the Buddies at that moment was so lovely*





As the Shin Sakura Zensen goes north

We want Tokyo Dome to be in full bloom! 🌸





With the power of Buddies, I truly feel the circle of Buddies is expanding


Thank you for sharing so much


Those who are fellow Buddies, those who aren’t Buddies yet, those who are watching a Sakurazaka concert for the first time… I’d be happy if you’d invite them a lot 🫧





We want to exceed your expectations

Even during meet and greet!





I know that being able to talk one-on-one is not a given



Wanting to do meet and greets, taking further action from there, making those few seconds count




Thank you〜((♡))





Every time we perform

“Ikutsu no Koro ni Modoritai no ka?”





I want Buddies to think that being Buddies right now is the most fun





I want all the members and everyone involved with Sakurazaka to feel the same





I hope you’re enjoying your time here



I don’t want anyone to feel lonely〜


When I’m with everyone, I feel like I want to protect them


That’s how I feel these days*




🌷I am on the cover of the February-March issue of Nippon Cultural Broadcasting’s PR magazine “Fukumimi”

Please check it out 📻




I said it in my previous blog

These are the behind-the-scenes photos from“Gravure Champion”!



I’m glad that a lot of people said during meet and greet and wrote in their letters that they got the magazine 🌷


Thank you very much! I’m happy〜



A while ago, somehow

I made a butterfly because I wanted to give it to Karin-chan


Osaka Day1✨








Ozono Rei

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