W-KEYAKI FES .2021 (2021.07.15)

Thank you for opening this blog
I’m Sakurazaka46’s Masumoto Kira
Thank you very much
to everyone who visited, who watched the stream of “W Keyaki Fes 2021”!!
I took a lot of pictures so I’m uploading them~

For two days, I had Akane-san draw my eyeliner~
Thank you very much 👀
It’s a shame to remove it, I felt sad
Please draw it again

My first stage with Hinatazaka46-san☀️
They all are such a warm person, I came to envy Poka 🐦

Takamoto-san who listened to me a lot
The length of our hair is very similar, isn’t it? 😲
As for Miyata Manamo-san, we had the same nail length~
Both during rehearsal and during the event!

🗻 〽️

The shape of our lips is Fuji

You get it?

I was so shy I couldn’t tell her,
but Numarin looks really good wearing this costume

Ozeki-san, welcome back!

I love Ozeki-san’s words, that is not just a fine-sounding talk,
but also guide us to the direction we need to go to
I truly feel so happy that we could work together again, it’s heartening.

I want to make many memories together 🥳

It seems that Fujiyoshi-san has oshihen-ed from me 🥲
I will definitely, definitely turn her around again 😶
There are still plenty of pictures, so I’ll send them in mobame

I took a really good picture👶🏻🐴
Thank you for reading until the end

Masumoto Kira (Kirako)

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