Warmth (2024.01.08)




Long time no see. This is Yuuzu.




The year 2024 has arrived.



Saddening events have continued to happen since the beginning of the year, and I watch the news every day with a feeling of anxiety.

I would like to deliver unchanging warmth to everyone so that we can all smile again someday.





Today is January 8th.

It has been a year since I was revealed as a member, so I watched my Vlog on YouTube again after a long time.

It’s so nostalgic, the feeling of meeting Buddies for the first time.

I said “meeting” but in fact we haven’t met yet on that day, however, I remember feeling the warmth from the wonderful messages left on the comments of the video by Buddies.




I found words like “Welcome to Sakurazaka! Enjoy!” in the YouTube comment section. I’m truly happy. This is my first day since meeting Buddies, but I’m already full of gratitude. I don’t ever want to forget this feeling. I will keep in mind the kind words of encouragement I received today and do my best so that I can become an idol who will make everyone feel glad that they’ve supported me someday.





I wrote the above text one year ago.

I’m glad that I still think the same as that time now. I found something that hasn’t changed.

I’m able to enjoy my activities thanks to Buddies, the staff, and the members. Thank you as always.


I’d like to do my best in my own way in my second year as well.



I also love the third gen members who are serious during lessons and rehearsals, but are always lively like “Waaー Kyaaー” at any other timeー. Let’s talk more this year



Of course I love performing too, I’d like to work harder to improve my singing and dancing






I’d like to cherish the people around me and always remember to be kind. 


I’ll be in your care as well this year. 🐦







Wishing you good things 🌻



See you


From Yuuzu

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