What kind of Summer? It’s Murai Yu (2023.07.14)



Good evening, everyone~



I’m 18 years old Murai Yu from Tokyo!





Today is Friday, isn’t it?

Thank you very much for your hard work in the past week!


When I go out, the weather is so hot!

It feels like Summer has started

I will give it my best to grow even more this Summer.

I’m full of excitement and motivation!!





Yesterday’s blog was Itoha’s!


She wrote about something that happened with the two of us.

Thank you~ ♡


It makes me happy to see Itoha laugh.

I’d like to continue to do many funny things to make Itoha smile a lot ☺︎


Itoha is appearing in

Porno Grafitti-san’s “Abi ga Naku” message video


It’s truly so beautiful and pretty, I was really moved by it.

Seeing Itoha’s activity as an idol makes me as happy as if it were my own

Everyone, please be sure to see it!





On 7th July last week,
Nagi celebrated her 18th birthday! 🤍


It’s very reassuring to have Nagi by my side,
She has helped me many times


She is always reliable like an older sister


There are many things about her that I respect, such as gathering 3rd generation members to discuss performance


Thank you as always.


Let’s have a wonderful year together ☺︎











These pictures are taken by Miu.

It’s me with different expressions~~ lol


Miu and I often take pictures of each other ☺︎





💡 On the SHOWROOM stream


Thank you very much to everyone who watched it!

I was nervous,
but I think I was able to do it in my usual vibe…!

It was fun chatting with you through the comments!

I’d love to do it again~!!





💡 On the meet & greet


Thank you very much

for the meet & greet on 9th July!


It was a very fun and happy time ☺︎


I am glad that I feel like I am getting closer and closer to everyone who comes



I tied my hair into a hair bun!


I like hairstyles where I have my hair up, like a ponytail or hair bun~


What kind of hairstyle do you want to see me do?

Please tell me through letters or meet & greet!





💡 On “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?”


Last week, the first half of the academic ranking was broadcasted.

Did you see it already?


English was my favorite subject, so I was happy to be able to get a perfect score 💯


It was fun to be able to take a test again after a while!


I’m the type that thinks too much about the questions I don’t get and end up unable to really bring myself to skip to the next question, so I tend to be slow to answer them.



I’ll try to write about something that’s relatable with taking tests:


Even though you couldn’t think of the answer the entire time, right as the bell rings and you put down your pen, the answer pops into your head.

Isn’t this relatable? lol





💡 QA corner

I’ll be answering questions that I received in letters 🪄




Q. Favorite sports? Do you watch sports?

A. My favorite sports are
basketball, baseball, badminton

I watch sports. I watch soccer, baseball, and basketball matches on TV!




Q. What is Yu-chan recently into? ♡

A. Eating ice cream

It’s been hot recently, so I eat ice cream 🍨🧊
The day before yesterday, I ate brown sugar shaved ice~




Q. Is there a recent happy story that only Yu-chan knows about?

A. The other day, Rika cooked the dish she made in her reveal vlog for everyone!
It was freshly fried and crispy, truly delicious ♡
That’s my recent happy story ☺︎




Q. Favorite snacks?

A. I love every snack,
but I especially like Jagarico’s tarako butter flavor, Kyushu soy sauce flavor, and honey butter potato ♡




Q. Which team is Yu-chan on? Rice, bread, or chapati?

A. The answer depends on my mood, but it’s team rice!

This is the first time I’m hearing about chapati~
I really like naan, so I’m curious about chapati. I’ll give it a try!






Thank you very much for reading so far

I hope you will get to know me a little better with each blog update! ☺︎




Tomorrow is Miu’s blog!


Together with Miu,

We move only as much as we eat

With that mindset, we often eat delicious food and exercise together.




Well then,

See ya 🐇➰



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