When it’s prohibited, it actually makes me want to do it (2022.10.04)

When it’s prohibited, it actually makes me want to do it


Now, I’m in that mode





I really want to tell you about my favorite production and what points I want you to see, but


I’ll hold back…






The 2nd tour “As you know?” has finally started!




First was the Osaka show!

Thank you very much for the two days*



Thank you so much for everything you prepared for us!

What you have shown us

We are confident that we found all of it


I’m so happy!

Thank you as always!!














Right after the concert,


Yui-san and I did consecutive TikTok and SHOWROOM streams!


It was refreshing to hear everyone’s thoughts in the midst of the fresh tension from the live performance!


Even if you haven’t been to the concert yet…

I’d be glad if you felt like you can’t wait to go to the concert while watching the stream🫧



Thank you very much to everyone who watched~*


Here are some more TikTok videos we took right after the show

We did it while we were still hyped up from the concert, it was fun!













Please look after us at the Hiroshima show starting tomorrow as well🍁


To everyone who is coming to see us, let’s enjoy the time we have together~~~*




I ate Moriyama-san and Lily-san 🍪







🤍 Tonight, 19:00

I’ll be appearing on “Human Gourmentary Omoumai Mise” two-hour special!


With Renaa 🍫


Please take a look!


















I put on an Igaisei sticker 〜〜







Ozono Rei

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