While all the Buddies (2022.11.24)

While all the Buddies 

have given time out of their lives


We exist




Accepting us

Watching us 

Sending us off

Because there are all of you who are happy


Our existence has meaning




It’s not because Sakurazaka46 exists that all of the Buddies exist.

Sakurazaka46 exists because all of the Buddies exist.




As long as all the Buddies are here, Sakurazaka will continue to exist!






Devoting your precious time and energy

Thank you very much for being Buddies*





2nd tour “As you know?”

We were able to run through 12 shows in 6 cities until the end of the tour


Thank you to everyone who came to see us!



Finally, at the place of dreams, Tokyo Dome

We were all able to send off Yuuka-san







Yuuka-san, who I love and respect as a person〜♡

Truly, her heart is so clear and transparent…


I will cherish this group that Yuuka-san has protected

I’m grateful for all the love you have given us!







Thank you for being thereー!!!




I want to cherish this moment together with all the Buddies*

Please continue to support us!





First of all, I thought I should put into words how I feel about all of the Buddies

I have a lot of news that I haven’t been able to share with you…


In the next blog!












Ozono Rei

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