While drinking 100% apple juice (2022.10.21)

While drinking 100% apple juice next to me

Eating an apple



When I said

“It’s 200% apple”





She laughed and said, “I wasn’t in the mood for pineapple〜”


It was cute








It makes me want her to guess the apple juice as well 🍎🍏




🚄Inoringo, who was beside me until Miyagi





🚄Renaa, who was beside me until Hiroshima





To everyone who came to see us at the Hiroshima and Miyagi shows

Thank you very much!!





I’m happy that I could reeeally see what everyone prepared for us🫧


How much could I see?

I could see all the way to the very back!








It looks like I can post the congratulatory flowers!

I haven’t done this since my early blogs…!


























Thank you very much 🫧










With stamps drawn by the members,

You can take video and pictures!


Did you play with them??

I’d love to see what kind of things you took〜〜*


Here’s how to play






And just the other day…

DVD & Blu-ray of last year’s 1st Anila has been released✨.




The video of TAKAHIRO-sensei explaining the highlights of the show is reeeally interesting, so 

please take a look!










The Aichi show starts today!

Let’s have fun together!

Ozono Rei

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