Ya-hoo (2022.06.11)

Thank you very much for opening up my blog


I’m Sakurazaka46’s Masumoto Kira





Today, all the meet and greet sessions for the 4th single have ended!
Everyone who came to see me,
thank you very much!


I enjoyed talking with a lot of people for the first time during this period 😁


I was able to
charge up a looot of energy!
Thank you😊

Let’s talk again next time!!








Tomorrow, at 23:00 on Koshi Hoshi

This will be my first time coming on since Inoue-san took over as the main personality〜



Please be sure to tune in👂









And also,
Auditions for new members of Sakurazaka46 were announced!🌸🌸



I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of encounters we might have 👭✨



You want to give it a try, but
you may be feeling unsure and worried about your application

However, I applied right away with the intention of having a professional look at it, rather than judging it myself and giving up✅


I want you to think about “Do I want to do this?” rather than “Can I do it?” 💪




Application Period
From June 6 2022 (Monday) Noon~
to  July 4 2022 (Monday) 17:00
Application Method WEB Application
Special Website https://sakurazaka46.com/audition/



We’ll be waiting! 🍛





People asked me in letters on the message app ✉️
“What kind of photos did you send in for the audition?”,


For the face shot
Using the front camera




Like this



For the full body shot
I propped up my phone against the wall outside
Then set the timer and stood up straight for the shot(/ω\*)










Thank you very much for reading until the end

Masumoto Kira (Kirako)


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